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savage splendor aroused in our souls a mixture of the sweetest sensations, the longing for distant country, with the enjoyment of such a beautiful spectacle.
Sorry, we left this paradisiacal place after a two-day delay and climbed to the highest summit of the mountain to descend down the eastern slope into the valley. Going this way, with each step we were offered new beauties. Along a crystal clear stream from the woods we came into a nearby valley, enclosed between rocks and cliffs that we traversed, until we found a passage between the

rock walls, and reached a plateau where Velosias grew and we were allowed a final view of the lonely cloister. From then on, the road upwards became steeper and steeper, so we thought it wise to dismount the mules. The tall thickets of bushes and trees were gradually thinning, and the travelers, painfully, passed through the undergrowth. In the itacolumite, stripped to a great extent, small strands and debris from the so-called thick, shiny fatty quartz are observed, in


which cyanite and reticite overlap at some point and also bits of common tourmaline. The mountain resonates at many points with the crash of underground water, which flows between cracks and crevices in the rock, and finally appears below like fresh springs.

From the top of the mountain, we saw to the southeast the high ridge of Itacolomi, to the east and northeast some low mountains, between which run the Piracicaba River and Santa Barbara River, to flow into the Doce River.

Serra Caraca

On the eastern side, the slope of the Serra do Caraca is so steep, the narrow path has so much scattered rock debris that it is a great risk to descend into the valley. Finally, we happily reached Inficionado, where our people were already impatiently waiting for us.

Near the slope of Serra do Caraca (in Cata-Preta), we can still see several mines, formerly very rich, in which the metal is chipped from the stone by means of the mallet, notable for its gray-yellow color; It can be purified in the proper casting up to 23 carats. In the afternoon, we headed to the Arraial de Bento Rodrigues, a distant southwestern league, and stayed overnight on a ranch, where we once again enjoyed the panorama of the beautiful Caraca mountain. The place was packed with miners from Minas Novas heading to Rio de Janeiro, carrying a load of cotton, and they gave us the opportunity to appreciate a very characteristic aspect of the life of the traveling troops.

In the region of Bento Rodrigues, gold is found everywhere, and especially in the red clay, which lies above the flexible gneiss. As the mode of exploitation of these mines did not differ from what we have seen so far,