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Baron von Neveu also held the supreme command of both ships. Those who were also accommodated in the Austria : Prof. Mikan and his wife, Bavarian naturalists Spix and Martius, landscape painter Thomas Ender, merchant Weber of Trieste, finally Cadiz's Austrian imperial consul Nerini, who went only as far as Gibraltar.


The frigate Augusta had the following roster : the Austrian naturalist Natterer, the chief gardener Schott, the plant painter Buchberger, as well as some assistants and a trade commissioner with his secretary. The command of this vessel was entrusted to Lieutenant Colonel Agurti. Austrian naturalist Pohl and animal painter Frick were going to cross in a Portuguese ship. Count von Wrbna was to embark in London for Brazil in order to deliver the king’s power of attorney there first. Both frigates were ordered to make the journey together to Gibraltar, but there they would await the arrival of the archduchess, who, with her attendants and grand embassy, was to board the Portuguese squadron, expected in Livorno. As soon as the travelers were aboard, and the preparations were completed, the Governor of Trieste examined the two frigates, each armed with 44 cannons and 260 crew, reviewing the crew and shipment, and took his leave, casting his blessing, “Have a nice trip,” and then the cannons roared.


Thomas Ender