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by the huge Itacolomi, the highest hill in the region of Ouro Preto, and which is like the center point of a large mountain system. The rugged iron ore mountain


of Itabira, with its two peaks, one of which (1) looks like a huge tower, the Coche d'agua, Lavras Novas, Serra do Caraca and many others stretched before our sight.

Coche d'agua

Lavras novas

Serra Caraca

Passage between Serra Piedade and Serra Caraca

They were all presented with the same features, as the Itacolomi itself, that is, in prolonged mountains with flat ridges, and here and there straightened green ridges, without considerable bare walls. The sky was overcast; indicated the barameter at one o'clock in the afternoon, 23 ", 6.75" '; the thermometer, 16 ° R.; whereas in Vila Rica the first was at 25 ", 2" ', and the last at 22 ° R.

At this altitude there was the deepest quiet and silence around, not even disturbed by the flight or song of birds; the indiscreet cicadas themselves did not torment us here with their piercing hum. Low vegetation is present in the alpine freshness of this region.

white itacolumi

The mound itself consists of white itacolumite, crossed by more or less mica shales. In the middle of the mountain, the rock is coarse grained. The oligyst-containing micaxist and its companion, the pure mica, embodied in large leaves, form deposits at the bottom of the mountain, which run east to west. At the base of the mountain, as, for example, in the gunpowder factory, there is a view of the iron ore deposit where there are also pyrite nests and oligystal crystals. Finally, the fundamental mass of this mountain is formed of a brown clay shale of fine granulations. Several streams, which flow into the Ouro Preto stream, run down the mountainside below.

Iron oxide

In a valley, out of that, there is also a font containing iron oxide, called "caramarela" or wine stream for the perfect clarity of its waters.

Already in Europe our attention had been drawn to the lead chromate that should exist in Brazil.

Lead chromate

Searching more closely, we learned that it appears in Congonhas do Campo. As this mineral has only been observed here and in Beresof, in the Ural Mountains of Siberia, we consider it important to examine its occurrence on the site itself. For this reason, we chose the path that goes through Capao, where we had the opportunity to confirm our previous research on topaz transformations. Then we rode west,

Congonhas do Campo

1) According to the description of Von Eschwege, the mountain has 4,895 feet of altitude above sea level.

Congonhas do Campo mountains