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flat and short at the tip, but not as short as that of blacks; the nostrils are broad and slightly outward, the lips much less thick and swollen than those of blacks; it is not the lower lip that stands out, but the upper one, or both are equal; the mouth is small and more closed than that of blacks. The teeth, the wide and well aligned incisors are very white; the canines stand out. In general, the body of the Indian is stocky, broad and short, while that of black is tall and slender; He is thus closer to the other races, above all to the Chinese and the Calucos, though these are of a lighter complexion and of better conformed features. Rickets and cripples we don't find them among the Indians, so we suppose they usually kill deformed babies as soon as they are born.

The temperament of the Indians has hardly been determined yet and can only be described as phlegmatic. All the powers of the soul, even sensuality itself, seem to be in a state of numbness. Without reflecting on universal creation, on the causes and intimate relationship of beings, they live with thoughts concerned only with their own nourishment. Past and future hardly distinguish themselves for them, so they never worry about the next day. They are strangers to every feeling of deference, gratitude, friendship, humility, ambition, and above all the act of the delicate and noble emotions which elevate human society; insensitive, taciturn, immersed in the utmost indifferentism to everything, the Indians need nothing, except their astuteness and their unflappable memory, and their keen sense of nature; war or hunting, those are their main occupation. Cold and indolent, even in family relations, he is more driven by animal instincts than by tenderness of inclinations; love for woman is expressed only by the most barbarous jealousy, who, besides the spirit of revenge, is the only passion that can draw her apathetic soul from the lukewarm indifference in which she lies. Shame is something unknown to men; Only naked women show this feeling, when observed by strangers, by their way of walking. Insensitive to the pleasures of taste, given the carnivorous nourishment, the Indian, in general, is sober, and, without respect to time, is content to meet the need to redo himself; even often fasting for convenience. On the other hand, however, he loves to drink, and is passionate about his wine, or the rum, when it is available. Quiet, gentle in the service of whites, tenaciously persevering in his obligatory work, not angered by the way they treat him, but susceptible to lingering grudge, the Indian, as the settlers often say, seems to have been born to serve. He is not given to theft, nor to scams, and doesn't demand anything,