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Between Chapada and our nocturnal lodgings, just three leagues away to N. N. E. at Jose Correia Farm, the mountain formation was repeated, just as we had observed it days before. Behind the colorfully situated Quinta Rodeio rises the

Serra de Ouro Branco

Serra de Ouro Branco, higher and steeper than Soledade, extending towards the ESE to WNW. Also its core consists of white quartz mica schist above which considerable deposits of mica of varying shades lie in considerable deposits. In the valley, formed by these mountains, watered by several crystalline streams, the formation of iron appears distinctly in different places. Large masses of equal direction and stratification consist of shafts of a reddish-brown iron ore and even a rich itabirite; octahedra appear in large numbers, loose on the way.


We noted the itabirite, usually in the vicinity of some gray, greenish, slightly disaggregated mica. As the deposits of the latter are bedridden beneath the itacolumite and alternate with the itabirite, there are often areas showing these three genera of orogenic (gold producing) formations.

The path goes up and down these mountains, and unfolds to the traveler's eyes at every step new objects of the highest interest. The most varied views of the valleys, where the farms are spread, alternate more often, the closer you get to Vila Rica; But we were especially amazed when we climbed the Morro do Cascalho, a continuation of the Serra de Ouro Branco, when we saw the lily tree,

Valley of the Lily trees, Minas Gerais

whose stem, strong and naked, forked in a few branches, ending with a tuft of long leaves, often in burnt fields, charred on the surface, and one of the most curious forms in the world of plants. Both of the genera they form, Barbacenia and Vellosia, are called in the country cinnamon, and are the preferred fuel for their considerable amount of resin, in the absence of firewood. For the people they are a sign of how rich the land is in gold and gemstones. Most often they appear at the altitude of two thousand to four thousand feet, always accompanied by a series of the most beautiful bushes of Rheixas, Eriocaules and Xyridaceas.


Out of the dark virgin forests into these free open fields, allows the traveler's spirit to be revived! Here in the serene and joyful heights the noisy children of the woods are mute; Here, one no longer hears the howls of the flocks of monkeys, the continuous shouting of innumerable parrots, the blackbirds and toucans, the pecks that resonate far from the picancos, the metallic sounds of the araponga, the full tones of the tije, the calls of the mutuns, jacus, etc.

Toucan, Rhamphastos discolor