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scattered farms, which provide the necessary staples, maize, cassava, beans, oranges, tobacco, as well as some sugar and cotton, especially cheese, lots of cattle, pigs, mules; the fish-rich streams offer plenty of food.

Disseminated gold

In the past, the inhabitants here were mainly engaged in gold research. They obtained it, partly in the sand from the streams, partly from the isolated cave-ins, which were generally opened in the mass of the mountainous quartz veins of Lenheiro, which is white itacolumite. Nowadays, with the diminishing and uncertainty of gold, this work has slowed, and only poor people continue to wash the gold dust from the gravel of the brooks, so that, they can fill the pressing need for food. Most of the gold dust that is melted here into bars in the

foundry house comes from Vila da Campanha and neighboring Sao Jose, where gold is washed from the abundant clay. Instead of gold mining, it is now the bush trade that daily increases the wealth of these small towns; they say that, at other times, the area owed Rio de Janeiro forty thousand crusados; Now, however, after the coming of the king, the old debt has not only been forgiven, but there has been deposited a capital of equal importance by the king. How lively the trade is here is soon seen by the fact that they make four continuous

mule trains, each of fifty freighter mules, traveling to and from the capital each year, carrying bacon, cheese, some cotton fabric, felt hats, oxen, beasts, chickens, and bars of gold to sell there; for the value of their products they bring back European, especially Portuguese and English goods, such as cheetahs, cloths, lace, tools, wine, Porter beer, liqueurs, etc. As in all Minas Gerais, here also the wealthy and very hospitable people welcome foreigners, but especially when they bring letters of recommendation from acquaintances.

Miners' costume

The fact observed by all travelers, is that the miners, although surprisingly, differ entirely in the character and physique of the inhabitants of the other captaincies, especially the Paulistas. The miner usually has a slender, lean stature, a narrow chest, a long neck, a somewhat elongated face, bright black eyes, black hair on his head and chest; He has a certain noble natural garb, and his manner of treatment is very delicate, obsequious and sensible; in the genre of life, he is sober and, above all, of gentlemanly character. In all these traits, he has much more resemblance to the lively Pernambucano than to the heavy Paulista. As with the former, they also seem to have a predilection for European products and fashions. Like the English, the miner makes a great deal of neatness in dress and

Paris fashions in Minas Gerais