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the healer rubs the bite with alcohol or seeks to revive the patient with fumigations and inhalation of aromatic plants. The healers declare that the complete cure can only be accomplished after sixty days, because until that time the patient is always in danger of immediate death under the above mentioned tetratic conditions, at least by a slow nervous fever. They forbid during this time that the sick be in the vicinity of women at the time of menstruation, or getting out of bed any longer than the sun remains on the horizon; others advise taking animal food that is tender. The processes of the healer are always accompanied by a certain quackery and indicate, for many things, their African or Indian origin. Also those who practice this art are, above all, freed blacks and Mamlukes. On the contrary, women, who, by the way, in the treatment of the sick are always heard first, in Brazil, only in exceptional occasions are in charge of healing snake bite, and in this case, as assured by a mulatto, are only able to heal others at the age of fifty, because before, as he explained, they themselves are poisonous. We saw many who, after the poisonous snake bite, were close to death, but remained for the rest of their lives always invalid, and with very swollen legs, often pocked with pustules.

Province of Minas Gerais

The Rio do Peixe, which is smaller than its neighbor Rio Verde, also flows into Rio Grande, and flows not far from Santa Fe Farm, runs down the Mantiqueira branch, and must have given much gold in former times. The few houses we found in their vicinity gave no indication of the owners' wealth; However, it seems that the inhabitants of this beautiful and healthy region, dominated by the

Serra Mantiqueira

Mantiqueira’s romantic peaks, find happiness and satisfaction of their desires in the creation of innumerable herds. The pleasant freshness and tranquility that exists here reminds us of the pastures of the foothills of our Alps. We went on, with greater contentment and keener interest, the closer we got to the center of Minas. To the north and four leagues beyond the Rio do Peixe, joined by asolitary chapel called Campo Belo, where we found a number of loose round stones, the size of a hazelnuts. Here the road separates in two, towards the village of Vila de Sao Joao do Principe; to the west, it goes further through the valley, passing by Boa Vista, Brambinho and Lavras do Funil village; It is more populated and somewhat longer. To the east, it goes by the mountain, by little frequent shortcuts. We took this last path, as it was contrary to us to descend from this serene lap, where without being disturbed we could