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the large number of counterfeit notes that soon appeared. Because the printing of this paper money was so simple, its falsification was facilitated, which the hatred of the inhabitants soon attributed to the English; The province was so far crowded with a considerable amount of paper money, and suffered even more because it does not diminish with the banks, nor with the exit of currency to other provinces.

Region of Servo and Sapucai rivers, Minas Gerais

The Sapucai River, which flows in these regions, before joining the Rio Grande, opposed our excellent troop when night came; At various points where we wanted to cross it, such as where the bridges had been torn off, the waters were so deep and fiery that only with extreme difficulty could we save the first mule that entered the river. As a result, we had to give up our intention of arriving that day on the other side at a farm, and we camped outdoors in a low-grassed ditch. Thin, damp fog, which hovered all night and threatened to put out our fire, made us shiver in the cold. These inconveniences were further aggravated when, in the morning, we noticed a black slave was missing. The painful journey, largely made on flooded ground, had provoked discontent in the young black man who did not appreciate our humane treatment, and took advantage of the first favorable night to escape, which the new slaves customarily do. As there was no trace of him, we continued our trip to Santa Barbara Farm, where, in the afternoon, we arrived to make the arrangements to find the runaway black. We were greeted with real hospitality and the farmer, Jose Antonio de Almeida, sergeant-general and administrator of the Royal Treasury, who had just come back from the inspection of the distant farms, and that evening he settled our problem about the fugitive. Throughout Minas Gerais, as in many other provinces, where the number of black slaves makes redoubled vigilance necessary, there is a special body, the captains of the bush, usually mulattos or other mesticos, who chase the escaped slave and deliver him to his owner or the competent authority.

Only the fugitive who knows the terrain perfectly and retreats to a far-off place sometimes escapes the attention of these bushmen; They consoled us, therefore, by promising that our slave would be returned soon. In fact, he was from a neighboring farm on the third day; upon receiving him, we followed the advice of our host; for instead of punishing him according to custom here, we treated him kindly and sent him a drink of cachaca. Long