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Trip from Sao Joao de Ipanema to Vila Rica

In the continuation of the trip, it was our intention to reach Vila Rica by the end of the rainy season and then to travel through the drylands of Minas Gerais. The route goes through Itu.

But we first went to Sorocaba Village, where the captain had already prepared a house for us, waiting for us to take a few weeks there to practice the clinic. However, we could not accept his invitation, even though our stay in the village was now more necessary because the only surgeon was ill. They took us to this patient; he was a mulatto, a hypochondriac who, with only a few magnetic applications, fell into convulsions and then fell asleep. After we gave him the necessary prescriptions, we immediately proceeded to purchase the missing mules.


In Sorocaba there are better and cheaper mules to buy, as it is the most active place for this business, for the animals destined to the north gather here. As we are informed, more than thirty thousand mules a year are brought from Rio Grande do Sul to Sorocaba, after paying the crown the tribute of one thousand two hundred and eighty reis up to two thousand reis per animal for entry into the new captaincy.

Rural customshouse

This tax is one of the most profitable for the government because it is levied at the border of each province with certain limitations. With this, the price of each animal is doubled and tripled, from twelve to twenty-five piastras, leaving from here until reaching the northern captaincies, Bahia, Pernambuco and Ceara, where the herds are taken from time to time from the interior of Minas, along the Sao Francisco River.

The mules of Spanish America, which are much more beautiful, stronger and bigger, are not rare in Brazil because they are contraband. When you want to travel cheaper from Rio to the interior of the country, you should preferably go to Santos by sea and then come here, where you can gather your troops more quickly and find everything you need for the trip.