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quality wood recommended for its good coal, the parauna, should be avoided; However, it is necessary to make use of various qualities of coal, which, due to the unequal release of carbon in the iron during the casting process, makes it of uneven density and, therefore, at certain points brittle. By the way, the mineral seems to contain ninety percent; However, in Brazil we often hear that the iron thus obtained is brittle and short lived for many tools. When the true handling of the mineral is known, especially in the refining, and when a road or a coastal channel is established, which facilitates exportation, then Ipanema will be in a position, for its incredible wealth in mining, to supply its iron not only to the whole of Brazil, but also the entire American continent.

The mountain, which could supply this extraordinary amount of material, rises to the west, a quarter of a league behind the village, and extends quite secluded by a league from south to north. Its altitude above the Ipanema River is about a thousand feet. Almost everywhere it is covered with dense undergrowth, where the loud shrieks of the humid brown monkeys Mycetes fuscus are heard at night and in the morning.

We climbed the hill, taking the trail by which the mules bring the ore to the factory. After the rise of a certain stretch through the dense forest, we suddenly


find ourselves standing in front of some gigantic magnetite rocks that rise almost plumb at forty or more feet. Innumerable loose pieces lie around them, the size of a fist to huge blocks, scattered above and below the ground, which is of fat humus. The surface of the rock is flattened, or somewhat dug with holes, having a half-oxidized iron ore rim, the thickness of some lines. Placing the magnet above the large blocks, we noticed no movement; however, on some smaller pieces, especially the recently extracted ones, a very strong alteration in the needle took place. The mass of this magnetite is either entirely compact or disposed with iron hollow shafts. This limonite appears to be encased in yellow quartz stone with little clay alloy; At least, the latter is what appears in various places, at the top of the mountain as well as in Ipanema itself.