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Ipanema Iron factory on Mt. Araasojava

Araasojava (Guarasojava) (1), covered by dark undergrowth, which runs down the northwest slope to the valley at the bottom of the landscape. The freshly whitewashed houses scattered along the hill, at the foot of which the towering buildings of the Factory rise, and the impression of activity and noisy industry experienced here, reminded us of Europe, as it were, of the beautiful, industrial region of the interior of our country.

We had been recommended by the lovely Colonel Toledo of Sao Paulo to the factory accountant, Mr. Francisco Xavier Pereira. The hospitality of this honest São Paulo resident and the kindness with which his large family welcomed us, in this foreign country, has made our stay in Ipanema one of the most beautiful periods of our trip, which we cannot remember without affection. This boss hosted us in a small house near the Factory, where we had plenty of space to tidy up our collections, air them and dry them.

His residence was a farmhouse situated on the elevation about ten minutes away from the site; but we were left with several saddled horses to facilitate our visits. The stay in the midst of such a hospitable and simple family would at first have been very pleasant to us, had it not been for the worry at the delay of our troops, which should have arrived after us. Three days passed in anxious expectation, and only after we had dispatched a driver with rested animals did we see our mules arriving in the most pitiful state on the fifth day. A free black man, who we had hired in Rio de Janeiro as a driver, was a native of this region, and escaped unscrupulously as soon as he was near to his land. This incident aroused in us invincible mistrust against everyone of his color, which determined the way we dealt on many occasions identical to this one. For this reason, we recommend to travelers in the interior of Brazil the utmost care in choosing assistants; The less connection they have with the countryside, the safer and more pleasant the trip will be.

The entire town of Ipanema owes its origin to the large deposits of magnetic iron ore from Monte Aracoiaba, whose richness in metal has actually been known for a long time; however, only after the coming of the king was it exploited according to the rules of metallurgy. Entrepreneur Minister Conde de Linhares sent a group of Swedish miners here in 1810, who started building

(I) Aracoyaba, means protection," hat, “ or "cover." Teodoro Sampaia, who gives these expressions, adds the following explanation: "'Name given to isolated hills with the shape of the crown of a hat. It explains the Morro-do-Chapeu and translation of “aracoyaba”, (Rev. Note, Inst. Hist. And Geogr. Bras.).