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Both militia and ordinance institutions are recommended, especially in a new country, still poor and well-resourced. The officers of both corps receive no salary from the state, except the militia majors, who are always army officers and direct the military exercises.

The captaincy of Sao Paulo is not in a position to pay the administration's expenses from its own revenue, so it needs aid of sixty thousand from the king annually. Since the coming of the king, who, with paternal care, had wished to introduce, throughout the country, a more rigorous and prompt justice, a more uniform elevation of public health, and, therefore, a broader public instruction, indeed the expenses of the province have increased, without the incomes increasing in equal proportion, whose main sources are the exportation of the colonial products and those of the industries. The Portuguese Government has had the same experience from this point forward, which seems to indicate that the profitable and happy organization of a new country depends more on population growth than on the development of the internal wealth trade. Perhaps in no other province of Brazil are there such solid and hopeful foundations as here, where natural conditions and climate show inexhaustible sources of well-being. In Sao Paulo, in the fields suitable mainly for cattle breeding, the Swiss colony of Cantagalo should surely have flourished sooner, whose establishment cost so much money, with no appreciable result; but the government's commitment to recover it without delay through export taxes levied on the colonial goods cultivated by immigrants seems to be contrary to the long and profitable use of land through cattle raising.

A very beneficial institution, which began with the establishment of the court in Rio, is the regular mail service from Sao Paulo to the capital, by horse or foot courier, who deliver the sealed bags within 15 days to the place of destiny. Since a corps of the Portuguese army is in the far south of Brazil, a postal service has also been organized between Sao Paulo and Montevideo.