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Santos, the port of Sao Paulo

In the middle of the capital, we could see views from the hill of Nossa Senhora da Penha, the city of Sao Paulo, which rises on a hill, having thickets of trees at one point and another. Several high-rise buildings give it a very imposing aspect, especially the former Jesuit College, today the residence of the governor, the Carmelite Convent and the Episcopal Palace. When we arrived in town, we found, thanks to the patronage of our patrician, a house waiting for us and provided with everything that circumstances allowed. Mr. Daniel Pedro Muller, Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Corps of Engineers, whose father was at first pastor of the Protestant German colony, then secretary of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, although in his childhood he remained, however, actively sympathetic to his early countrymen, and welcomed us with the frankness and cordiality of Germans, which soon aroused our most sincere esteem and gratitude, feelings which we are pleased to publicly express here.