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a half high almost plumb, forming a monstrous, hideous tuft. This form of hair, which at first glance seems more artificial than natural and resembles Polish coke, is not a disease, but it is the consequence exclusively of the intersection of breeds, and this is a middle ground between black woolly hair and the long, flowing hair of American Indians. And sometimes, with such a natural hair, you have to stoop deeply to get in and out of the cabin door, and also that hair is so tangled that you could not even think of taming it with a comb. With such hair, they look like the Papuan of New Guinea.

Serra do Mar

The low hills in Aldeia da Escada are the last branches of Serra do Mar. A small series of hills link here the first mountains of this mountain with the Mantiqueira range.

Serra Mantiqueira

The vegetation is rich and extremely powerful; it gathers the shapes of the most graceful jungles of the fields and marshes. Great Plumerias, Echites and other richly flowering Apocinaceas, brilliant Hamelias and high-stemmed Rexias, covered with magnificent purple flowers, make this region a fairyland.


Rhexia holosericea

However, in animals, especially insects, these fields seemed to us poor when we traveled. The mountain consists of gneiss sometimes with a lot of black tourmaline. Before arriving at Mogi das Cruzes, a small village two miles from Taruma, a reddish stone appears in several places, which alternates with clay

Road from Taruma to Mogi da Cruzes

deposits. Little by little, a considerable descent is made, and in the deep valley is the Tiete River, whose dark brown waters have a slower current here than in the northwest, where, at its confluence with the Parana River, it forms several waterfalls.

Rio Tiete, province of Sao Paulo

In Mogi, we were welcomed with great cordiality by the captain's family. These good people reminded the Germans of the Greeks’ idea of hyperbore. They were not only interested in our remote homeland, but also our appearances. The feminine part of the family, with the ingenuity and grace of the Paulistas, admired our suits, and exalted in the white color of our skin, so appreciated here. A few days earlier, a house worker had died, bitten by a jararaca.

A small bottle of Agua de Luce, which we left in the hospitable home to help with such accidents, earned us the blessings of the whole family. The outskirts of Mogi, in fact, already have some farming, but they seem especially vulnerable today, due to the lack of arms, caused by the departure of the militias to the south.

On the last day of the year, when we left the woods behind us, we found a largely swampy deserted field, and a beautiful farm called Casa Pintada, three leagues away.