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also on the weakened lymphatic system. Blacks often employ advantageously here, as in Africa, viscous substances, such as arabica gum, in curing the goiter, which seems to indicate that this is an anomaly of nutrition.

On the way to Jacarei, we met several Spanish fugitives from the Bishop of Cordova’ entourage. These victims of political conflicts in Buenos Aires and Paraguay were welcomed by the Paulistas with sincere interest and, during the long journey, treated with humanity. With the sending of troops from Sao Paulo to Santa Catarina Island and thence to Montevideo, the Paulistas took an interest in the political events of the south, and felt that, for the hospitable welcome given to these fugitives, they deserved equal treatment as their tormentors to the south.

Military departs to Montevideo

The Portuguese expedition to Montevideo had cost sacrifices to Sao Paulo, as not only were simple army troops sent, but also a regiment of militias, which caused a serious lack of workers and disastrous consequences for many families (1). As a large part of those militia perished in Santa Catarina, but even more so on the terra firma of the Montevideo garrison, some in the war, others of sadness, dysentery and others of extraordinary tiredness in whatever state of illness in which they were. There is general discontent in the province with the military. In fact, the Paulista is distinguished from most Brazilians for their fidelity and obedience to the government, but the war, which in the opinion of the people was not waged for plausible reasons, but for the will of the minority, seems strange to have been pursued at that time not used to fighting, and this provokes the most lively protests as soon as the sacrifice of life and the happiness of the family is required of him. As a result, a large number of militiamen defected from the troops before setting off and took refuge with the whole family in the remote woods of the Sao Paulo captaincy or in Minas Gerais, where they settled, and from where, although derelict in view of the prerogatives of each captaincy, they would not surrender.

In the village of Escada, a small village three miles south of Jacarei, situated not far from an old, once populous Carmelite hospice, now deserted, on the edge of a gneiss mountain and the bank of Paraiba, we had the pleasure of meeting a clever priest from the neighborhood Indian Mission.

(I) They informed us that for the War of Montevideo there were a total of about 12,000 men, of whom 4,000 were from São Paulo. From this fight, whose need, sustained by the Count of Barca, was much censored, it was, however, a temporary advantage for Brazil, because it made the River Plate a natural limit.