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with stems of various species of Paulinia, and the bowls are made of taquara (bamboo).

When, the next day, we wanted to leave Tacasava, we found that the Major Captain of Areias, with reason to spare, had not misjudged the condition of our mules. The carriers were so badly injured by the saddles that the inept keeper had placed on them, that they became unable to continue their service, forcing us to stop. The inflammation produced in animals by the uneven horseshoe, or the imbalance of the weight, is sometimes so malignant that it gets to gangrene, and causes death; It was therefore necessary to treat the animals with the utmost care so as not to expose us to the loss of the entire troop. The guide attributed all the evil to the heavy fog of the night, the strong morning dew and, above all, to the aggravating effect of moonlight on the wounds of the animals, for these are the main morbid elements in the opinion of most people; we just did not want to allow healing, as he advised, in the sun's rays, and so the day was spent in unpleasant veterinary operations, applying fire, guttering, washing the wounds with a smoke or urine cooking, and bleeding, work in which other travelers, also resting here, helped us with advice and practice. In the morning, the thermometer indicated in the shadow 15 °, at noon 28 ° and next to the river 20 ° R. In the afternoon, we saw an imposing mule train. It was the troop of the Bishop of Nova Cordova, who, expelled by the political aftershocks of Spanish possessions, traveled under Portuguese escort from Montevideo to Rio de Janeiro, and was due to return to Europe. He had been on his way for four months now to cover an eleven-degree distance. By sea, he would have been able to return in less time.


Only in the afternoon of the next day we received the new freighter mules, which the lovely captain of Areias sent us. We then resolved, in order to make up for lost time, to continue the journey immediately in the moonlight, which we soon regreted. We were still in the village when one of the new mules shed his load in the middle of the runway and fled, which gave rise to a new and even more unpleasant delay. With much work, all the scattered pieces of the botanical collections in his package were gathered again. In the end, only a bottle of flowers kept in the spirit of wine was missing; But this was later also found by the owner of the shop and delivered to our companion Mr. Ender, on the return trip from Sao Paulo to Rio and, through him, happily arrived in Munich. We mention this little circumstance with pleasure, as it is also a test of good luck, which has favored all our history collections.