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it would have been preferable to postpone the trip for a few weeks until we were able to get a practical and serviceable guide. This lack of a safe guide, knowledgeable of the roads, made us all the more sensitive when our German servant, on the eve of departure, declared that he would not accompany us on such a long and risky expedition to the wilds animals’ dens, and that he’d rather be in the middle of crests of the oceans.

During our travel arrangements, Ms. Arquiduquesa happily entered the port of Rio de Janeiro. What a joy to cheer us up when we saw the exalted princess make her triumphant entry into the new royal city, and we witnessed the joy with which the enchanted people hailed the first German princess on a throne of the New Continent!

Our long-awaited colleagues, the Austrian naturalists, were also arriving, and we were now hoping to take our trip with them. This vote was not realized, as the imperial Austrian embassy declared that our wise compatriots should linger even longer in the Rio de Janeiro captaincy. We had, therefore, to proceed alone in our plan to travel the provinces of Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goias and Bahia, and soon received, at the request of the imperial Austrian embassy, from the royal Luso-Brazilian government, the necessary passports and letters of recommendation. All preparations for the expedition were completed in the early days of December, and now was the time to leave the capital. Thrilled, we said goodbye to friends and compatriots, to whom we were intimately connected by affection, gratitude and identical ideals, and we began the journey to the interior of the country, starting with Sao Paulo.