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---continuation commentary #30c----

Etching 30  Ancient Forest  from Martius's Flora Brasiliensis 1840. Thanks to Lehigh U., Special Collections ! Color by C. Miranda Chor

The onlooker's spirit is affected in some magical way by this silence of nature; overwhelmed by the great force of those images which the abundance of marvels surrounding it stirs up, it gradually plunges deep into meditation. As soon as you hear from afar the whistling sound of a flock of Tanagra coming toward you, in a moment's time, that whole scene is changed. Now your ears are thrown into confusion by the variety of the sounds rushing into them from all around; wherever your eyes turn, they fall upon activity and a splendid variety of colors. The tree tops, the dense bushes in which you are wrapped, finally the whole forest seems alive."(8) I thought that this lovely and life-filled description should not be omitted, inasmuch as it shows that it is not some one person who is greatly uplifted by tropical nature and wanders in a way through lands of poetry, but that each and every person, as if without choice or not knowing it, is charmed in the same way by the extraordinary beauty of these regions.

Etching commentary #30c

Tanagra palmarum

Tanagra frigilla family