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As for the organization of all these small animals, · Among which like the Atta sexdens (ant quenquem), Formiga Attelaboides, Formiga protorax are distinguished by the dart in the front of the thorax,

Atta sexdens

Formiga Attelaboides

Formiga protorax

which seems to offer such wonderful uses, like that of bees, and should be a worthy object of the investigations of any Naturalist living in the country. As a consequence of our still incomplete observations, we believe that, on the whole, the animal kingdom, particularly that of insects, is hardier yet less magnificent than that of the southern provinces of Brazil; But on the other hand, one cannot deny that their numbers are here relatively much larger. This refers to both insects and other classes of inferior animals.

The number of toads and frogs, on the riverbank and in the waters with which they communicate, exceeds any calculation. According to the people of Para, many species of these frogs spawn every month, and the litter appears in all the tranquil inlets of the moving waters and in the lagoons, in such extraordinary quantity, that if one could find a way, soon all the country would be populated by these disgusting amphibians.

It happens, however, that, with the rising of the ocean, the eggs are deposited on the beach, swarms of them, and others are eaten by the crocodiles, by ravenous fish and by the large aquatic birds. The Indians also appreciate snacking on the eggs when just half developed which they call juins.

Rio Guama meet the ocean at Belem

On a river tour, our rowers traveled the water to the Guama's bank, pulled the canoe ashore and filled the front with these frog larvae. They were cleaned and then prepared with the butter of turtle eggs. All the species of these amphibians seem to emigrate with some regularity, sometime after the season of the year that favors them with rains. As soon as the drought of the shallow waters starts, they are headed in flocks to another area or to the woods. The frogs’ fastidious singing does not cease one day in these places;

Hyla boans

And the mighty hammering of the frog-blacksmith, the Juiponga of the Indians (Hyla Boans, L.), or the raucous sounds of Cutagoa or Juigoa (several species of the Bufo and Hyla), which resemble the crying of children, often woke us up at night.

Bufo agua

The strong unstable rivers, which bathe Belem, create in large quantities all the tasty fish that are known in all other parts of Brazil; But they are not fished here in the neighborhood of the city with the same diligence, for example, as in Rio de Janeiro.

Even many ocean fish, especially during the rainy months, enter upriver, swim upstream, and some Indian villages situated on the coast of the continent, as in the