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Quartz with gold

of this metal, distributed through white quartz and extremely similar to the mining of the rich deposits of quartz in Minas Gerais. On the banks of the river Para and its tributaries are large deposits of Tabatinga or grey clay; and on the clay lies frequently a more or less hard layer of mud from the river, with the depth of one to six feet.

When we returned in the afternoon from our excursions to these superb virgin woods, a joyful company of European friends awaited us in


House in Rochina

Rochina in the persons Messrs. Dickinson, Consul of Britain, John Hesketh, J. Campbell and L. Hein, a German compatriot, allow me to renew the grateful memories of those moments, in which we enjoyed the pleasure of their illustrious company asking for their interest and friendly advice. Later, we were joined by Mr. Francisco Ricardo Zani, Captain of of the Militia, today chief of staff, coming from Livorno,

Captain Zani

domiciled 14 years ago in Rio Negro, who, by a happy chain of circumstances, was my companion in most of the trip to the interior of the Rio Para and Rio Negro.

The same disposition of spirit, in dangers and pleasures, in a journey of seven months, sealed between us a strong bond. This cheerful company was animated by the artistic sounds of an excellent flutist, who had come from Cayenne.

Like Orpheus, the flutist attracted with his music the creatures all around, so that we were given the opportunity to observe the effect that these unaccustomed sounds produced in certain animals. It affected the energy of the spiders hanging on the porch , whose musical tendency was well known, but also different birds.

Muscicapa pitangua

As well the Ben teve (Muscicapa pitangua), various restless species of the Caboclinho family (Loxia nasuta, Leucopterygia, Spix, "Aves ", II)

Loxia nasuta

and the Canoro-Canario-da-Terra (Fringila Flaveola), came around our lodgings, by the flock;

Fringila Flaveola

A squirrel (Scinrus Aestuans, L.) came more frequently jumping from the neighboring Cocoa tree to the front lawn of the house; And the monkeys, who were chained in the back, were attentive to the sounds of these strangers, until they finally tried to imitate them with some sharp cricks. We mention these insignificant incidents, because we like the idea that man, with his knowledge, can freely influence these creatures which surround him. We were offered another spectacle as night fell and the porch lit up.


Numerous moths (Phalenas Svoacando), were attracted to the lights, so many that there were not enough hands to catch the uninvited guests. The Noctua Strix, L., the biggest of all these borboletas appears most often on wet, rainy nights.

Noctua strix