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the edible terrestrial (Cancer uca, L.) Uca, a species of Guaricuru shrimp (Palaemon guaricuru, Fabr.), much appreciated by both inhabitants;


They are tasty, especially when prepared with olive oil and vinegar. These crustaceans, shellfish and saltwater fish constitute, with bananas and manioc flour, the usual food of the coastal inhabitants, and to it is attributed the great fecundity of the population.

Further up was the river, covered in its deepest, most tranquil coves, with a

Azolla pinnata

Pistia stratiotes

thick, mosslike lining of Azolla pinata, Lam., and Pistia stratiotes, L., (2) two rare plants. Going deeper into the lands, it becomes the stony, shallow river; We often had to drag the canoe over the ends of granitic rocks on which a

Lacis fucoides

remarkable plant, Lacis fucoides, grew in abundance. According to information from the Indians who accompanied us, this herb is appreciated by the manatee, which, although very rare, is said to exist in the rivers of this region.

After we had traveled about five leagues on the river, we left it near Tariri, an abandoned farm, and crossed a forest over mountainous terrain. Nearby, far away, the snoring of Itaipe river, deep in its valley, and we saw alternating and varied views of cliffs, covered with jungles. Dark cliffs and small waterfalls, rewarded us for the fatigue of the excursion, up steeper and steeper trails. We all forgot the fatigue , however, upon entering the Almada Farm, where we were welcomed in German, accompanied by a Germanic handshake.

Alameda farm

Mr P. Weyll had the courage to settle in this solitude; large sections of the forest had been cut down, burned and planted with corn, rice, sugar cane and coffee; in the descent of Itaipe, which was just a waterfall between groups of rocky cliffs, were the foundations of a sugar mill, for which an English master builder was hired. At the top of the hill, which dominates the entire sesmaria of a square league, belonging to our host, the dwelling house was to be built.

These early achievements, carried out by twelve black slaves and Indians, all toiling everyday, only then made the brave settler understand the bulk and the difficulties of his enterprise. Only now could he see how immense the forest he called his own, from which he, however, expected profit after continued sacrifices for years. The vegetation, with all the strength of the virgin soil, rises against the industriousness of man; and many of our naive

Water lettuce

(I) Lentil, Flower of Water, Gulf, also Water Lettuce. According to Professor Melo Barreto. (Rev. Note, Inst. Hist. and Geogr. Bras.).