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When we were at latitude 8 °, 12 ', we saw in the distance a large ship whose march seemed to us suspicious. This area is so often attacked by pirates from Buenos Aires and North America that Portuguese and Spanish ships in particular need to be alert at all times. However, even the English ships were not safe from these pirates, and it was a shame that Mr. Conde von Wrbna, who, as a courier from Rio de Janeiro, returning in an English ship, was attacked and robbed, suffering along with many others. In view of that incident, military defense arrangements were then made; however, the passing ship soon demonstrated from the direction of the African coast that they had no hostile intent. It was probably a Portuguese slaver traveling to Guinea.

On June 15, at latitude 14 °, the '' 45 ', the magnificent constellation of the southern sky, the Cruzeiro, appeared for the first time, which for the sailor is a sign of peace, and by its position is also an indicator of the way to go.We had been looking forward to this constellation for our guide to the other hemisphere for a long time, so our joy was indescribable when it became visible in the all-shining sky, and was considered by all as a sign of salvation, above all by the thought of the risen soul symbolized by its appearance. To these regions illuminated by the beautiful constellation of the significant name of Cross, the European, aristocrat of mankind, brought Christian and scientific civilization, and, incited by noble sentiments, ever more and more desired to spread to the remotest lands. As the southern starry sky rose above our horizon, the northern hemisphere was submerged like its own exclusive country, with only sentimental longing, as we contemplated the polar star disappearing more and more, until finally disappearing in the fog of the horizon.

Great and magnificent are the impressions the novice experiences here, of the power and tranquility of the elements; however, without being acclimated to the hot zone, he is bothered by the humidity and freshness of the mornings and afternoons and the oppressive hush of midday. The crew generally began at this latitude to complain of headaches and colitis, and only with the use of remedies such as tartar and rhubarb did their organisms again return to equilibrium in that strange nature, over which the sun darts perpendicular. So, as before, touched by the N.E. wind, now the S.E., we drove with almost the same speed, sailing to the equator.