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by their chicks; the Seriemas, snake-hunters, sometimes fade into the grass,

Struthio family, Ostriches and Seriama

Seriema, the snake hunter

sometimes fly into the grove, or, quick as arrows, fly to the top of the hill, from where their deceptive clacking echoes, resembling that of a wild rooster; the

Armadillo, Dasypus sexcinctus

damaged armadillo (peba, bala) remains, running around, looking for a hiding place, or, finding itself in greater danger, huddles in its armor; the adventurous

Anteater, Myrmecophaga didactyla

giant anteater and its youngster gallop heavily across the field and, when closely followed, lie down, threatening the stalker with their pointed claws. Far from all


Bush pig, caetu or Pecari tajacu

the noise, the elegant corca, the dark tapir, or some confident bush pig, the caetetu, graze on the edge of the bush. Quiet, hangs above all, and very high in the sky, the

Vulrure, Cathartes aura

Rattlesnake, Bothrops jacaraca

vulture, red-headed soars; the dangerous rattlesnake, hidden in the grass, creeps

Giboia, Boa constrictor

scared, hissing, the giboia sways, hanging from the tree, head down, and the jacaretinga warms in the sun, by a tree trunk at the edge of the pond. After passing in the sight of the traveler during the day, all these creep with the coming of night when comes the hiss of cicadas, the monotone scream of Joao-corta-pau, the howl of the wolf roaming around and the whimper of dodging fox, or the roar of the jaguar, sucuarana and a strange world of animals is heard in these peaceful fields.

Sucurana, panther, Felis concolor

Jaguar, Felis onca

From Morro do Cascalho one ascends only slightly and obliquely to reach the beautiful Capao Farm and the Lana Farm, a quarter of an hour beyond. This is the mine region of the well-known yellow topaz of Brazil. The fundamental consistency of the mountain is here, too, of itacolumito; however, it rarely appears in its usual form; on the contrary, often in the variant called itchirite by Eschwege. On top, there are strong deposits of some modified mica, which could also be called earth talc. The same formation has the low, rounded hills in which the said gemstone is located in three different places, but above all near the two above mentioned farms. Just behind Lana Farm, there is a hill on one of whose slopes, with a perimeter of more than two days' journey and up to sixty feet high, where the ground has softened both by the rain and the channeled water that looks like sludge, and all this mass, without crumbling, is sliding down. Here we find the farmer and his slaves rightly occupied in search of the topaz.

The earth is piled high and washed up by water led through a wooden-barred channel, so only the hard parts pass, which are then rolled with picks and hands; Thus the topazes are searched. These harder parts of the training are