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And above all, the result given by the statistical table regarding the proportion of births is encouraging. In general, one birth is estimated to be 28 inhabitants, with the highest birthrate, known in fifteen villages on the outskirts of Paris = 1: 22.7, and in thirty-nine Dutch villages = 1: 23.5; here, however, one already counts in the mix about twenty one inhabitants. The mortality rate, which is 1: 46, according to statistics, is also lower than that found in our country villages. Black slaves have incomparably fewer children, which, however, by female to male conditions (= 16: 22), is still not well explained. Partly, perhaps, it is due to the fact that slaves are men employed, generally, in cattle-raising and herding, most of the year alone in distant farms and ranches; women, on the contrary, remain busy in the households. As it was not possible for us to obtain full confidential information on the number of black slaves introduced into the captaincy, we also dare not mention the progress made in the increase of this part of the population. One fact, however, is that only a few provinces of Brazil,

such as Rio Grande do Sul and Rio Negro, still receive fewer African slaves, while the rest receive much more. It has also been noted that the cold mountain air and especially the cool nights are detrimental to the health of the black race, accustomed to the great heat. Blacks from the high mountain fields west of Benguela more easily acclimate here.

Among the residents of Sao Paulo, the taste for European luxury has not yet developed as much as among the rich in Bahia, Pernambuco and Maranhão. Care is taken of the cleanliness and convenience of the house, rather than elegance and sumptuousness, and instead of the light American furniture and French mirrors, one finds in their rooms in the province, heavily lined, long chairs with painted scenery, and a mirror with its Nuremberg manufacture frame, in which a German had imagined recognizing a countryman. Instead of the large glass lamps or candlesticks with wax candles, a cannon lamp in the middle of the table burns castor oil (Ricinus communis). In the tone of society there is still little influence from Europe. Rarer than in the other captaincies, the card game is here the animator of entertainment, and therefore the conversation is higher, which is alternated with dances and songs. During our stay there was a bullfight in the ring. The bulls from the south of